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by Rake in Grass
You can download and play tech demo right now. The demo runs on Windows and Mac. Note that this is in-development tech demo so it may crash a lot! You have been warned.
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DEMO FOR WINDOWS (installer) DEMO FOR WINDOWS (installer)
DEMO FOR WINDOWS (.zip file) DEMO FOR WINDOWS (.zip file)

  • Windows requirements: OpenGL compatible graphics card, DirectX 9.0c runtime
  • Mac requirements: Mac OS X 10.5+
  • The demo supports Xbox 360 controller on Windows. On Mac only keyboard controls are supported for now. In the final game we will support other gamepads via SDL library on all platforms.
  • To be able to play the demo online with a friend the host of the game has to manually configure their router to enable forwarding of port 22335 (the port the game uses for online play). See detailed instructions below.
  • Warning: Note that online mode is still buggy and will crash a lot. For example online game cannot be restarted, if you want to play again you have to quit the demo and start it again etc.


1. The co-op online mode in the demo doesn't work. I cannot connect to host.

To be able to connect to the host you have to specify their IP adress. Make sure it is their public IP adress and not their local IP adress in their private network behind the router.

Also the host have to manually configure their router to enable forwarding of port 22335 which is the port the game uses to connect the client to the host. Port forwarding is also sometimes called port mapping or virtual servers in the routers settings.

Note that only the host has to enable port forwarding. The client who connects to the host does not have to perform any router configuration.

2. How do I find my IP address?

Go to the following website, it will detect and display your IP address:

3. How do I configure my router to enable port forwarding?

We strongly recommend that only people who are aware how routers works performs any modification to the configuration of the router!

You can try to use this site to help you configure port forwarding:

Use our contact form for support.